Netsilik eskimo ch. 7-12

Netsilik eskimo ch. 7-12 - 11am Discussion The Netsilik...

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11am Discussion The Netsilik Eskimo Ch. 7-12 Infanticide is very prevalent among Eskimo groups. o girls killed more frequently than boys o Unbelievable how sometimes parents just let child freeze to death or suffocate and all preparations are made by the mother o Naming has a restrictive influence on infanticide Pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations were quite common and easily established Interesting how the many suicide attempts and various ways are described o Some reach suicidal decision following a disaster affecting a near relative o Some reach it through the Eskimo looks at life and death o Some reach it through their religious beliefs Lazy hunters are not tolerated by are not tolerated by society at all Not surprisingly murder is not the most extreme form of aggression among the Netsilik o It can be committed it two ways, physically by knife or gun or supernaturally o Killing by magic as by no means the prerogative of shamans only. Unbelievable how a stranger with his wife in the camp is not safe at all because he
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