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The sexual lives of savages Ch. 1,2,7,10

The sexual lives of savages Ch. 1,2,7,10 - • Magic is...

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11am Discussion The Sexual Life of Savages Chapters 1, 2, 7, 10 The erotic phase is the most important in this tribal life Extremely bizarre how that between the father and the child there is no bond of physical union whatsoever A trobriand village is divided into three parts o A the chief and his maternal kinsmen o Commoners o Chief’s wives and offspring o This is very similar to the Yanomamo as well as chimpanzees It seems like a typical setup with the man doing the harder work, coming home and resting, while the women do household chores Weather has a lot to do with family life which is very interesting because when weather is good, everyone hangs out in front of the dwelling while when it is cold and raining (or at night) do the natives retire into the interior Interesting how there is no difference in terms of interest, enthusiasm or affection from the parents to the children as with some other cultures Sometimes men cut up the corpse during a burial which appears to be very immoral and disgusting to our culture
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Unformatted text preview: • Magic is very intimately associated with Trobriander economic life and every vital concern • Also what is interesting is the division of magic between the sexes because females can perform certain magic better than men o Witchcraft is inherited from mother to daughter • Trobrianders are very free and easy in their sexual relations • They seem to have similar ideas regarding sex with children in that “it was considered both improper and silly for an older man or woman to have sexual dealings with a child.” • Vigour, vitality, and strength, a well-proportioned body, a smooth and properly pigmented, but not too dark skin are the basis of physical beauty for the native. • The head plays an important part in magic as an object for admiration • Weird how biting of eyelashes is an important part in love-making. • Every feature of the body is very detailed in this chapter and how important it is in regards to other parts....
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