The sexual lives of savages Ch. 13

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11am Discussion The Sexual Life of Savages Chapter 13 Interesting how the Trobrianders have just as clear-cut a feeling for modesty in dress and behavior as we have and they would be as shocked by us on certain occasions as we are shocked by them as well. Eating/food do not really have a great meaning in Trobriander life. They do not regard it as we do. We eat because the body needs it to function; they eat only because one has an appetite. They don't have very good manners in regard to eating Nice to see that the Trobianders care an awful lot about personal hygiene and cleanliness Dress is also paid careful attention to in the Trobiander life. Men and women both have to cover up certain parts of their body. Homosexual intercourse, bestiality exhibitionism, oral and anal eroticism are regarded by the natives as inadequate o These are regarded as poor substitutes for the natural act, and therefore as bad and only worthy of fools o Many of these acts are described in detail and how they are not tolerated in
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