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11am Discussion Yanomamo Chapter 2 It is interesting that a large number of Yanomamo die from snakebites and almost everyone eventually gets bitten by a snake. What is the most common way for Yanomamo to die, is it disease that usually kills them or something The technology that the Yanomamo uses is very intriguing because they know how to make bows and arrows, but not just ordinary arrows, poison arrows that are weakened a bit in order to cause the order to break off inside the target to allow maximum damage. The many different types of arrows and arrow technology are very remarkable, where did they learn these techniques and how are the techniques passed down to the next generation? How long does it take to gather all of the necessary materials for building a shelter or shabono? Also how many people are involved in the gathering and building of the shelter? It appears as if the Yanomamo have an awful lot of choice in their diet, there are a few game animals, pigs, monkeys and a few other animals. They also eat fish and
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