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COMM 383 Danny Almonte: The 14 Year Old Pitcher From The Bronx Cheating in sports is becoming more and more scrutinized every day . From the very beginning of history when sports were first invented, players always cheated and now that sports have evolved into a profession and multi billion dollar business, the consequences are that much greater . Gaining an unfair advantage in anything is considered cheating and because of the way society works, the punishment and criticism from fans and the media can be devastating especially for cheating in major sports events . The Black Sox scandal may be the most infamous sports scandal of all time, at least the biggest scandal in Major League Baseball, but the Danny Almonte age scandal regarding the little league World Series is regarded as an enormous controversy that swept the world of baseball in 2001 . ESPN readers consider it to be the number six worst sports scandal of all time and it is also considered to be one of the top cheating controversies by sports illustrated . Danny Almonte was born on April 7, 1987 in the Dominican Republic and moved to the Bronx in New York in the year 2000 . Upon moving to the Bronx his little league career soon began . He was a left-handed pitcher for the 2001 Rolando Paulino All-Stars . Danny had a keen eye for the perfect pitch and throughout his time in the little leagues, he broke records all across the board . Almonte helped his team make it to the 2001 little league World Series through his nearly unhittable 70 mph fastballs, which is the 1
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equivalent of 92 mph in the major leagues 1 . He actually pitched the first perfect game in a world series since 1957 . Almonte had such high prospects that he and his team were drawing “smash television ratings . 2 Because of Danny’s pitching ability as well as the quality of the team, they soon became an instant sensation and were nicknamed the Baby Bronx Bombers . After the tournament though, a huge scandal broke out . Soon after Danny’s amazing World Series run, his age was called into question . “Any time someone dominates in an athletic arena, the question of cheating surfaces . Whether it's age, drugs or stealing strategies, people just can't imagine someone being so superior to another human being in an athletic contest . 3 Danny had performed so well throughout his entire run in the little league as well as in the Little League World Series that many coaches and people involved in the game called his age into question . “Little League rules require players to be no older than 12 during the regular season and to turn 13 no earlier than Aug . 1 in the season during which they are competing” 4 and if a player does not fit into this category, they were considered ineligible to play for the little league .
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