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Sports venue paper - On Sunday October 12th 2008 I attended...

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On Sunday October 12 th 2008 I attended a Los Angeles Galaxy soccer game at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Through viewing what goes on at the game, I was able to see many different ways that the Los Angeles Galaxy is able to promote their product. The advertisers, promotions, fans, and players all help to promote the team and allow The Galaxy to accomplish their goal of being a professional sports organization by catering to their customer. When I arrived at the stadium, a product was immediately placed before me. This product besides the Los Angeles Galaxy, was The Home Depot. The Home Depot is a huge sponsor of the Galaxy and they have the rights to the name of the stadium. The two combined create huge buzz because of the fact that you recognize you are going to The Home Depot Center to watch the Los Angeles Galaxy . Besides the Home Depot, walking into the complex is amazing; fans’ eyes are immediately directed towards enormous banners of various players hanging from above. There is another large banner that says “This is Soccer” and it has the entire Los Angeles Galaxy season schedule posted on it. Before even stepping into your seat, the fans are given the information of when every game is, especially the upcoming home games. Like most stadiums, you are able to walk around the complex and because this arena is not very big, only a 27,000 capacity, it not time consuming to walk the entire circle. Before the game, this is exactly what I did. I was able to see the vast amount of advertisers and promotional events that were going on. I was instantly directed toward the fan memorabilia first, because all true fans cannot take a seat without wearing some sort of LA Galaxy gear. What I noticed was that on the jerseys, they actually have a huge sponsor label across the front that says in big block letters “HERBALIFE.” Shirt
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sponsorship in general is very popular with European soccer teams, but this typically does not exist in many American Sports. Shawn Hunter, the president of AEG Sports, called the Galaxy sponsorship pact “a milestone event in American sports marketing” and it is true because when you go to a Galaxy game or wear a Galaxy shirt, the fan not only associates with the LA Galaxy, but also with Herbalife. Herbalife is the main sponsor of the LA Galaxy and there is no shortage of Herbalife posters and advertisements throughout the Home Depot Center. With just a few minutes before kickoff, I decided to take my seat. I asked an usher
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Sports venue paper - On Sunday October 12th 2008 I attended...

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