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Foreign Film 1 Running Head: FOREIGN FILM MOVIE CRITIQUE Foreign film movie critique on Cidade de Deus Michele Aponte Nova Southeastern University Professor Friedman Psychology 3760: Multicultural Issues in Psychology October 26 th , 2007
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Foreign Film 2 I decided to watch a foreign film that won many awards called Cidade de Deus. This means “City of God” in Portuguese. The film is based on a true story and takes place in the “favelas” (slums) of Rio de Janeiro. Cidade de Deus is a place Rio where all the unemployed and poor people were sent to by the Brazilian government. Criminals and families were sent there in order to clean up the streets and help lower crime. The film begins with the “beginning of the end.” It shows one of the main characters whose name is Rocket, an aspiring photographer and a boy who desperately wants a better life, running through the favela with a friend. The drug gang who is run by a man who calls himself Lil Ze are running through the favela trying to shoot a chicken. It is mayhem. Everyone is out with their guns trying to capture and kill the chicken. The police arrive and Rocket is standing in the middle-the police behind him, chicken beside him and Lil Ze and his gang in front of him. Flashback ten years earlier and the film shows the back story of the main characters and how they came to be put in the position they are in at the beginning of the film. Rocket, Lil Ze and another childhood friend Benny have three older brothers who are the “The Tender Trio.” A group of hoodlums who rob and give back to their community so that they are always protected. Lil Ze who is called Lil Dice back then, hung out with the older brothers and wanted to be part of the gang. He devised a plan to perform a heist that involved them robbing a motel. This motel was one that could be rented hourly, usually for sex and was full of men with money. The older brothers robbed the place as Lil Dice sat outside watching for cops. After the brothers left, Lil Dice went in and massacred the place. It went down in history as one of the bloodiest
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Film Essay - Foreign Film 1 Running Head: FOREIGN FILM...

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