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GEA 2000 - World Regional Geography Flexible Learning Course Fall Semester 2009 – 20101 Broward College, North Campus Bldg. 56, Room 201 Course Description: The study of geographical characteristics, area relationships, and major problems of the world's component regions. The underlying theme is to explain how and why geographic factors create global contrasts. Special emphasis will be placed on how the world has become more interdependent as complex economic and other systems have evolved with regional specialization. Course Type: Flexible Learning: BC's Flexible Learning courses are designed for motivated, self-disciplined students whose schedules do not permit them to attend regularly scheduled meetings on campus, and for students who prefer to study independently, or for students who prefer the convenience of a blend of online and on-campus learning experiences. All Flexible Learning courses have required textbooks and may also use CD-ROMs, study guides or other instructional materials. Flexible Learning courses may require limited on-campus meetings for orientations, test reviews/lectures and proctored tests. Required meeting dates are listed in the course schedule and in the course syllabus. Class Meeting Dates: Class meetings are on the following Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm: Aug 26; Sep 23; Oct 21; Nov 18; Dec 9 Course Objectives: Students will develop a general understanding of the important political, historical, cultural, economic and physical dimensions of various countries and regions, while also acquiring locational knowledge. Students will also develop familiarity with many pressing contemporary issues around the world to assist their development as global citizens. Pre-/Co-requisites : None---other than enthusiasm for learning about the world. However, this is a rigorous course with an abundance of subject matter to absorb. Sufficient time must be invested by students to successfully complete the course requirements. Professor:
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syllabus20101N - GEA 2000 - World Regional Geography...

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