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61 km what is this in miles per gallon 9 the solder

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Unformatted text preview: lder once used by plumbers to fasten copper pipes together consists of 67% lead and 33% tin (by mass). What is the mass, in g, of lead in a 10.0lb block of solder? (1 lb = 453.59 g) 10. An iron ore is 1.8% Fe. What mass of the ore would be required to obtain 10.0 g of Fe? Answers 1. a. He, b. P, c. Ho, d. P, e. He 2. a. I, b. I, c. E, d. I, e. E 3. a. C, b. P, c. C, d. C, e. P 4. a. 3.21107 m, b. 15.6 mg, c. 0.237 L, 321F 5. 6.91 g/mL 6. 5.57102 g 7. 290 cm3 8. 52 mi/gal 9. 3.0103 g 10. 5.6102 g...
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