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MAE-2102 – Dynamics Practice Exam #1 - Kinematics & Kinetics of Particles R. Gist 1 Ver. B, Rev. 2 1. A boy at A throws a ball 45 o from the horizontal such that it strikes the slope at B . Determine the speed at which the ball is thrown and the time of flight. 2. The inclined plane supports block A which has a weight of 10 lb. The tension, T, exerted on the rope is 9 lbs. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the plane is μ k = 0.1, determine the acceleration along the plane for the block. Assume the block starts from rest. 3. Using a forked rod, a smooth cylinder P , having a mass of 2 kg, is forced to move along the vertical slotted path r = (0.6 θ ) m, where is in radians. If the forked rod has a constant angular speed of ± =0.2 rad/s, determine the magnitude of the velocity and acceleration of the cylinder at the instant = π rad. Assume the cylinder is in contact with only one edge of the rod and slot at any instant.
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MAE2102_Exam1_PracticeB2 - MAE-2102 Dynamics Practice...

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