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Dynamics: Practice #2 Kinematics & Kinetics of Rigid Bodies R. Gist (Sum. ’06) 1 of 2 Ver. B, Rev. 2 1. Determine the acceleration of the cylinder. The tension in the rope is 12 N. The cylinder has a mass of 4 kg, and a radius of 0.02 m. Assume the cylinder does not slip as it rolls. 2. At the instant shown, the 20-lb bar is rotating downwards at 2 rad/s. The spring attached to its end always remains vertical due to the roller guide at C . If the spring has an unstretched length of 4 ft and a stiffness of k =3 lb/ft, determine the angular velocity of the bar the instant it has rotated downward 30 degrees below the horizontal. 3. A thin rod of mass 2kg and length l =1.5 m has an angular velocity ω 0 = 4 rad/s while rotating on a smooth surface. Determine its new angular velocity just after its end strikes and hooks onto the peg and the rod starts to rotate about P without rebounding. 4. At a given instant, the slider block B is traveling to the right with the velocity and acceleration shown. Determine the
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MAE2102_Exam2_practice_B2 - Dynamics: Practice #2...

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