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Outline 14 2008 Bioenergetics I

Outline 14 2008 Bioenergetics I - Lecture 14 BIOENERGETICS...

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Lecture 14: BIOENERGETICS I: Introduction to Cellular Respiration Summary. We review the breakdown of glucose, a process called glycolysis. We will discuss the role of these reactions in cellular respiration in general, and focus on the individual steps in the process. The logic of a series of ancient chemical reactions will include general principles of oxidation and reduction, the idea of energy storage molecules, and electron rich carriers. Reading Assignment Campbell, N. A. and Reece, J. B. Biology (2008) 8th edition, Chapter 9 (pp. 162-169, 177-179). Objectives 1. To gain an understanding of the general overview of metabolism, which includes the metabolic breakdown of complex organic molecules and the formation of smaller molecules. 2. To understand redox reactions. Be able to define and recognize an oxidation reaction compared to reduction reaction. Know the difference between an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent and be able to explain the difference.
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