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Outline 27 2008 Hormones and chemical control

Outline 27 2008 Hormones and chemical control - Lecture 27...

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Lecture 27: HORMONES AND CHEMICAL CONTROL Summary . Both the endocrine systems of animals and nervous systems function as control systems, regulating homeostasis and effecting behavior and physiological responses. Hormones of varied types affect target cells in different ways after binding to specific receptors. Historically the study of hormones has established a link between structures and control functions, leading to treatments for disease conditions. The hypothalamus and pituitary play a vital role in regulating endocrine glands. Reading Assignment Campbell, N. A. and Reece, J. B. (2008) Biology 8 th edition. Chapter 45. Objectives 1. To understand the basic differences between chemical versus neural control systems. 2. To understand the classification of hormones listed in table 45.1 and be sure that you understand how each type of hormone triggers a cellular response (recall lecture 19). 3.
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