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contact report - their class code Currently we have a...

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Hei Man Cheung IEOR 115 Contact Report I am currently working at the Cal Student Store, textbook department. Other than shelving textbooks and helping customers, my main job objective is to count and check the inventory. The purpose is to ensure we have enough copy for students and the statistics about the book sales. After reading the first few chapter of the our textbook, I have suggested my manager to use data processing, which can reduce the needs of labor force, increase the speed and accuracy of the inventory counting. The textbook department in Cal Student Store is the biggest department in the store. It is also one of the biggest departments in the Follett Company. In the department, we have 3 managers and about 10 workers. We will hire more employees during rush hours, like the beginning and end of the semester. We are providing all the textbook that faculty suggests or requires for every class in Berkeley. We have over 500 different textbooks and novels. We shelf books that according to the subject department and
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Unformatted text preview: their class code. Currently, we have a system that can check which books below to which class and the amount we need for the class. The system cannot check the exactly location of the textbook and the amount we have in store. Many students will call us before they come so that they can ensure the availability of the textbook. Unfortunately, we will need to get the book name and the class they are taking, then go to the shelf and check the availability. This will take at least 5 to 10 minutes. Also, when one of the books is out of store, we cannot know immediately. Last but not least, we only have 3 computers in the department to access this system. For this system, I estimate that the level of enthusiasm is 5, in a scale of 0 to 10, 10 is very enthusiastic. For more detail about the prototype and implementation of this data processing system, we can contact Alejandra Sanchez, assistant textbook manager, by phone (510)-642-9000 or email in [email protected]
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