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Hei Man Cheung 20714873 IEOR 115 Lab 1 1. 2007 Microsoft Access. 2. Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, Modules. Tables stores data about a specific topic like order details and orders status. Forms allow users to enter, change or update data such as customer list or order list. 3. Shippers. Shipping Company A, Shipping Company B, shipping Company C 4. Orders. Employees = Employees.Firstname + Employees.LastName Orders.ShipName = Customers.First Name + Customers. Last Name Orders.Customer = Customers.Company
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Unformatted text preview: Orders.ShipViainOrders = Shippers.Company 5. Shipping Fee: $300 Order ID : 47, 74 6. View Inventory, View Orders, View Customers, View Purchase Orders, View Suppliers, View Employees, View Shipper, Sales Reports. 7. 2 nd quarter of 2006, Company BB ordered $1632.5 and the total dollar amount ordered by Company BB in 2006 : $15,432.50 8. Below is a table that summarize the top 10 biggest orders: The 3 rd Biggest order is Company F, employees 47, sale amount $4200....
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