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Political Economy of Industrial Societies EUROPEAN STUDIES MINOR APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The European Studies minor in PEIS is intended to offer students the opportunity to study the various political, cultural, and socioeconomic issues facing modern Europe, east or west. Students will also learn the historical foundations of these issues. The minor serves students who wish to have a thematic unity to the course work taken outside of their major field. Completed applications are accepted by the International & Area Studies Teaching Program (IASTP) office (510-642- 4466,, 101 Stephens Hall) beginning the third week of instruction and through the last day of instruction during the fall and spring semesters. Applications are not accepted during the summer session. Incomplete applications will be returned unread to the applicant. The deadline to submit materials for the minor is the last day of instruction of the term immediately preceding your final term. To declare the European Studies Minor, students must: Have completed at least one course for the minor at UCB with a grade of B or better, OR; Have completed at least two courses for the minor (not necessarily at UCB) with a minimum GPA of 2.0; AND Not be in their final semester of undergraduate work. A complete PEIS European Studies minor application consists of: 1. A completed PEIS European Studies Minor Application Form (attached). 2. A completed PEIS European Studies Minor Program Worksheet (attached). 3. A current copy of your UCB transcript printed from BearFacts with your name printed on the document. Please highlight all courses that apply to the minor, including courses in progress and transferable credits from other institutions (community colleges, study abroad). Also, indicate which course (if any) will overlap between the minor and your major. 4. Copies of transcripts from colleges other than UCB IF course work is to be counted towards the minor. Transcripts may be unofficial. We do not have access to transcripts in the Registrar’s Office. Students must request copies themselves and submit them with their applications. Please highlight all courses to be applied to the minor. 5. The “Petition for Confirmation of Minor Program Completed” (attached) signed by the student. An advisor’s signature is not necessary. To complete a PEIS European Studies minor, students must: 1. Complete PEIS 100 and PEIS 101. 2. Complete four courses from two of three specified divisions: 1) Politics and Society; 2) Culture and Society; and 3) Business and Economics. Two courses must be taken from two separate divisions, for a total of four courses. No more than three courses may be taken from the same department. 3.
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EuropeanStudiesMinorApplication8.07 - Political Economy of...

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