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LangLab-1A - Item 1 listen to each line and record your own...

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Chinese 1A How to use LangLab How to Start: 1. Start -> Programs -> LangLab -> LangLabClient 2. After a few seconds you should see the LangLab Course Selection window. 3. Select “ Chinese 1A 3 rd -ed” using the pull-down menu (NOT “Chinese 1A” !). 4. Select your name in the course student roster. Section 1 is indicated by S1, etc. 5. Type your password ( last 4 digits of your SID ) in the password field and press The Enter button. 6. The main LangLab Client window should be displayed after a while. 7. Adjust microphone sound level. Place the headset on your head and place the microphone in front of your mouth (distance 1-2 inches); Keep silent but breathe normally; 8. The “Select Lesson” window should be seen now, and you are ready to start using LangLab. How to Record: 1. Click on the pop-up menu “Select Lesson” and choose a lesson. For the first exercise “Pinyin”, you can listen to your instructor’s recording in
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Unformatted text preview: Item 1 ; listen to each line and record your own after it in Item 2 ; then record the whole exercise in Item 3 . For the lessons, you can listen to the texts in Items 1 and 3 ; listen to each sentence and record your own after it in Items 2 and 4 ; then record the whole exercise on the LangLab sheet (which you printed out from inside bSpace) in Item 5 . 2. When you want to compare your own recording with the teacher’s, press Record button on the left ( ● ) to record. Click Stop when you finish. 3. Press Replay button ( ◄▬┘ ) to play what you just recorded, to see if you need to do it again. ( Audio Ctl starts Windows Volume Control , which lets you change the recording or playing volume. You may also change the playing volume using the slider in the LangLab window.) 4. Quit terminates a LangLab session, and the last recorded is saved....
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