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Political Economy of Industrial Societies APPLICATION TO DECLARE Completed applications are accepted by the International & Area Studies Teaching Program (IASTP) office (510-642- 4466, [email protected], 101 Stephens Hall) beginning the third week of instruction and through the last day of instruction (not the last day of finals) during the fall and spring semesters. Applications are not accepted during the summer session. Incomplete applications will be returned unread to the applicant. To declare PEIS, students must: Have attended a Major Declaration Workshop (check http://ias.berkeley.edu/iasphp/Calendar for dates); and Have completed IAS 45 with a grade of C or better* or achieved a score of 5 on the world history high school advanced placement exam; and Have completed Econ 1 or 2 at UCB with a grade of C or better* or completed the equivalent at another college or achieved scores of 4 or 5 on both the micro-economics AND macro-economics high school advanced placement exams; and Not be in their final semester of undergraduate work. *Students can repeat Econ 1 and IAS 45 only ONCE in order to obtain a grade of “C” or better. Note : As soon as you have completed the prerequisites, you are encouraged to declare the major – even if you are a freshman or sophomore. A complete PEIS application consists of: 1. A completed PEIS Major Application Form (attached). 2. A completed PEIS Major Program Worksheet (attached). 3. A Concentration Approval Form. Note: this form does NOT need to be completed in order to declare, although students are encouraged to define their concentrations as early as possible. If you are undecided about your Concentration, turn in this form blank. 4. A current copy of your UCB transcript downloaded from BearFacts with your name printed on the document. Please highlight all courses that apply to the major, including courses in progress, AP scores and transferable credits from other institutions (community colleges, study abroad). If you are a double major , please indicate which classes (up to two) will overlap between your two majors. If you have a minor , please indicate the one overlapping class.
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