CNM190 - Week 1

CNM190 - Week 1 - Today we learned about the efforts of...

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Unformatted text preview: Today we learned about the efforts of many scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and entrepreneurs throughout history to quantify and technologize the world around us. Both Richard Rinehart and Dan Garcia left us with the notion that it either is now, or ultimately will be, possible to quantify/digitize anything imaginable. How do you respond to this prospect? How do you think this may/may not apply to abstract notions such as love, fortune, grace etc?? Question 1. I t is currently possible to quantify and digitize nearly everything: information, education, banking, communication, and even social life (on Facebook). I feel we should embrace these advances in technology. The digitization of the world makes the world accessible from the computer. Technology has always meant progress, and progress is good for civilization. However, certain abstract items such as love, hate, fortune, and grace should be treated differently. Yes, it is possible to quantify these emotions in the form of email greeting cards differently....
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