CNM190 - Week 2

CNM190 - Week 2 - Look into the concept of ubiquitous...

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Look into the concept of ubiquitous computing. As an exercise, document one day of your life by keeping a journal/log of all of the times that you interact either actively or passively with a technology and try to imagine the myriad of ways in which you have contributed to your data body in one day alone. Document and describe your interactions and comment on what you think about your data body. 10:00a -10:30a – Pushed snooze on electronic alarm clock a couple times 10:30a – Computer (Facebook, email, etc). 11:00a – Used cell phone 12:30p – Used iPod on way to midterm 3:00p – Went to ATM 3:15p – 6:30 – Back on computer; now studying for CompSci midterm 6:30 – used cell phone 6:35p – Used card to swipe into Dining commons 7:15p – Used Card to swipe back into dorms 7:20p – Back to programming for CompSci and/or Facebook 11:05p – Typing this assignment I think I am extremely hooked onto technology. I have spent most of today on the computer, mostly because I had to study and do programming assignments. I think my data
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