CNM190 - Week 3

CNM190 - Week 3 - Response Type 1 Rhetoric Discuss the...

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Unformatted text preview: Response Type 1 -- Rhetoric Discuss the notion of interactivity in the context of Rinehart's Ladder of Interactivity. Take two rungs of this ladder and discuss in more detail the ability and limitations of the spectator to take on a generative role in the artwork. A final point for discussion, can an interactive art work be too interactive? If this is the case, what would be the shortcomings? Two of the rungs of Rinehart’s Ladder of Interactivity were additive change and reductive change. First, I’d like to discuss additive change. An excellent example of additive change would be Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most successful websites out there, as a result of people adding to the huge pool of knowledge. In Wikipedia, people can write articles and post them online; and then, other people can come and edit your work. Wikipedia is so successful because it taps into the web’s largest resource: the people themselves. When people come together they can create something very powerful. This is how people themselves....
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