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CNM190 - Week 4 - Rhetoric Write briefly about how space...

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Rhetoric: Write briefly about how space and time is thought about in your major field of study. Some examples off of the top of my head... maybe a business/communications major would encounter space and time in the form of efficiency and/or ergonomics. An architecture student might think of relational space and time-distance relationships. A geography major might think of space as cartographies. An astronomer might think of space as the final frontier (oops too dorky!), while a physicist might encounter space and time as relative concepts in the general and specific theories of relativity. So, what does space and time mean to you and how would you describe the way your academic focus might look at these two concepts? As a second part to this question try and extend these concepts of space and time that you encounter in your own academic focus and see if/how they might apply to describing space/time in a digital context.
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