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lab15 - That is(accounting?y would match(accounting...

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Sheet1 Page 1 CS 61AWeek 15 Solutions LAB Err:510 4.55 (supervisor ?x (Bitdiddle Ben)) (job ?x (accounting . ?y)) (address ?x (Slumerville . ?y)) The dots are needed because (accounting ?y), for example, would match only entries in which there was a single element after the word "accounting."
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Unformatted text preview: That is, (accounting ?y) would match (accounting scrivener) but not (accounting chief accountant). 4.62 The base case here involves a 1-element list, not the empty list. (rule (last-pair (?x) (?x))) (rule (last-pair (?y . ?z) ?x) (last-pair ?z ?x))...
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