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Questions for Lecture 4 Questions based on material in A Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics--5 th Edition ( EES )--Chapter 4 (pp. 67-75) 1. Why are unemployment rate numbers issued since January 1994 not directly comparable with these issued before 1994. (Footnote 3 on page 70.) 2. How many households does BLS survey each month? During which week of the month is the survey taken? To which week do the questions refer? (p. 70) 3. Define the civilian non-institutional population. The civilian labor force. The number of people employed. The number unemployed. 4. According to the text, why is the unemployment rate in many foreign countries understated relative to the U. S. rate? Does the reasoning in the text necessarily make sense? (p. 74) 5. Does the unemployment rate lead or lag recessions? What about recoveries? How rapidly does the unemployment rate change when a recession begins? When a recovery begins? Questions from Lecture 4.
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