Midterm Periods

Midterm Periods - Jmon 8000-300 BC Hunting/gathering stone...

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Jômon 8000-300 BC - Hunting/gathering, stone tools - Figurines of females, called Dogû (Varley, 3) - Nonakado stone groups found at Akita Prefecture - Lived in caves, shallow pits - End of this period due to production of wet-rice agriculture Yayoi 3000 – 350 AD - Settled communities with social hierarchy due to specialization - Warfare emerges - Iron, bronze, tools developed Tomb Culture 300 – 552 AD - Chinese writing system introduced in 5 th century - Yamato Kingdom o Territorial consolidation o Loose control over many Japanese islands Age of Reform 552 – 710 AD - With the loss of Korean lands, a centralized government is established - Ritsuryo state o Tennô = monarch Rules with the court, controls provinces, taxes, and religious activity o Chinese system capital (palace facing south) o Chinese-style legal system from T’ang China - Benefits of a writing system o Communication over a distance o Common law legal system o Record-keeping o Texts made to provide legitmacy for rulers - Began calling themselves Nihon instead of Yamato in 7 th century - Prince Shôtoku’s Seventeen-Article - Taika Reform o Anti-Soga faction overthrows the Soga in 645, introduces this reform o Land reform patterned after China o All land belongs to the state, which distributes it for farming and is returned to the state when the farmer dies o Failed due to privatization of lands by aristocrats - Taihô Code (702) o Specified the central and provincial offices of the new government o Set down specific laws o Modeled after China - First official mission to China in 607 - Buddhism introduced in mid-6 th century o Patronized previously by Shôtok ū o Temmu advanced it as the protector of Japan and the
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Midterm Periods - Jmon 8000-300 BC Hunting/gathering stone...

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