findRow - r [rows cols] = size(m); [ for a=1:rows b = cols;...

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function r = findRow(s,m) % returns r, the row number of char matrix m where string s is found % r is 0 if s is not found in m % s is a string of three characters (length three) % m is a character matrix with each row having three characters % r = 0;
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Unformatted text preview: r [rows cols] = size(m); [ for a=1:rows b = cols; % if the string is the same as the row. .. if (strcmp(s(1),m(a,b-2)))&&(strcmp(s(2),m(a,b-1)))&&(strcmp(s(3),m(a,b))) r = a; % output of function becomes a, the current row end end...
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