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INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF SOCIETY SOC 302 - 45415- Fall 2005 Instructor: Roberta Villalón STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 2 Exam 2 covers Units 5, 6 & 7 of the course. It contributes 25% to your final grade for the course. The Exam will be held during regular class hours, in our regular classroom, on October 24th. You can use the Discussion Board at Blackboard to post questions and comments about the course material; the instructor, the TA and your classmates can comment on your questions online. Lectures, the corresponding chapters from the textbook, and indicated readings are all material that you can be tested on. Below, you find a list of key concepts/issues that you should study for the exam. Unit 5 – Family (Chapter 15 & South & Spitze’s article) Basic Concepts Family ( Kinship ties, Marriage – Cohabitation, Nuclear and Extended Family, Families of orientation and procreation, Matrilocal and Patrilocal families, Monogamy and Polygamy, Endogamy and Exogamy ) Theoretical approaches (
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