camila - Film"Camila I Information about Camila O'Gorman...

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Film: “Camila” I. Information about Camila O’Gorman – page 140-141 II. Grandma = spy – mom says must be respectful because it is her grandma III. African slaves – tell each other to hurry because master is waiting IV.In confession – there is no cure for me I got in a fight with my dad again A. Only wanted to confess to Father Felix – left when she realized it wasn’t him V. Sneaks to get books – drops a lot of books then says what do you have for me today and then hides book in newspaper A. Ignacio comes and says give me the book and she’s like its not gunpowder it’s a book and he says there are some books that we are not supposed to read and then tells her to be careful cause she can be put in jail for that B. Ignacio asks her to marry him VI.Priest comes to birthday party where she is trying to guess who people are – she touches his face – sexual tension VII. Makes the father wear a red ribbon VIII. Book seller gets his head cut off and put on fence IX.New priest = for anarchy against the government even though his uncle is the governor X. Camila talks at dinner and goes against what her father is saying – mom says shut up and listen XI.Goes to confess to new priest A. Says she is glad she can talk to him about her thoughts – he says you are here to confess your sins – she says I know but I will have to invent many sins XII. Older priest says – don’t forget women can be instruments of the devil XIII. Tries to give priest clothes for the homeless – he says it is too frivolous
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camila - Film"Camila I Information about Camila O'Gorman...

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