Discussion 1 - D Taking one point of a culture and making...

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Discussion: Early Films, Film Method, Ideology, Values, Plots, Characters, and “Orientalism” I. Why is it called orientalism? A. Orient means East B. Occident means West C. Assumptions in modern European culture – scholarship, literature – stereotypes D. Orient from distinction of the West II. Orientalism means European view about Asia and imperial space III. What is orientalism? A. Representation of negative side of eastern cultures i. Drugs, no technology ii. Europeans representing that people are different from them – important because comes from European perceptions not actual reality iii. Taking perception that others are different rather than similar has a negative psychological connotation iv. Making differences made them able to explore and eventually take over the “weaker” culture v. Orientalism about establishing Asia as different B. Showing other cultures about being different helps unite Europeans against the people that aren’t Europeans C. Said says that it is creating a portrayal that helps
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Unformatted text preview: D. Taking one point of a culture and making it represent an entire population E. Civilize other cultures to create need for new marketplaces F. IV. Film makers showing old cultural aspects and not modernity because modernity comes from Europe and wanted to show them as their own culture V. Use camera to channel assumptions that people already had VI. Highlighting differences = highlighting European nationalism and superiority VII. Europe more complex, Asia = more simple and symbolic VIII. Orientalist view – intentional or subconscious? IX. Eurpeans thought that symbolizism of culture is negative and uncivilized – primitive X. Characteristics A. Primativism B. Purity that Europeans idealized and criticize C. Timelessness – Europe technologically advanced, others weak D. Europe = male dominated society i. Asia = sexualized, sensual, and willing to engage in sex with anyone E. Colonies = place for adventures – realm of possibility XI....
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Discussion 1 - D Taking one point of a culture and making...

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