Discussion 2 - Discussion Soviet Ethnographic and...

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Discussion: Soviet Ethnographic and Documentary Films I. People nature animals – organizes people of empire in different categories – one sixth of the world II. All differences coming together to build socialist society A. Everyone from all over the country comes to build socialist empire B. Everyone is more or less equal C. People all over the empire in factories III. Turksib A. Orientalist film? – YES! B. Emphasis on industrialism as positive and necessary for the future IV. One sixth of the world- going around naming people and then says and even you the audience A. Make you feel like you are at one with the people being depicted but still keep individualist view B. Orientalists? i. Naming the different people ii. Idea coming from the center iii. Says them and you C. No critisism of people as people – people aren’t bad- they live in different context V. Nanook vs. turksib A. Technology and progress i. Nanook – leisure a. Nanook technology used to humiliate and mock them b. Didn’t use guns and stuff to preserve nature – preserve premodern
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Discussion 2 - Discussion Soviet Ethnographic and...

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