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Discussion: Pépé le Moko I. How are gender roles constructed in the film? How do they reinforce and how do they subvert Orientalist stereotypes? A. II. How does Pépé treat the women in his life? And, what does that tell us about attitudes towards empire? A. III. Morgan argues that Pépé’s position in the Casbah “is to live continually in the shadow of the mysterious other and, across that shadow, to be forced to confront his deepest fantasies and desires.” What does she mean? And what role does orientalism play in constructing this basic dilemma of the film? A. IV. Inspector Slimane moved across boundaries but isn’t fully accepted in either world. What does his character tell us about the film’s representation of empire and imperialism? A. V. Morgan argues that Pepe’s descent into Algiers and to his death is staged as
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