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Lecture 2 - IX Surge Eisenstein – montage A Take two...

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Lecture: The Invention of Cinema, Basic Film Analysis I. How is the story being told II. Who are the characters? III. Historical movie – relationship between present and past IV. Feature length narratives after 1910 – 50 minutes V. Melodramatic – films about early 20 th century society VI. Double exposure for dream sequences VII. Virtue against darkness VIII. Use light to create character
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Unformatted text preview: IX. Surge Eisenstein – montage A. Take two images and put one after another they will encourage the audience to come up with new idea B. Example – strikers – cut between employers beating strikers and butcher slaughtering cow C. Wanted instinctive emotional responses D. Close-ups that evoke emotions...
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  • Summer '09
  • Neuburger
  • 50 Minutes, Basic Film Analysis, Surge Eisenstein, employers beating strikers, instinctive emotional responses

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