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Lecture: Early Ethnographic and Documentary Films in USSR I. For exam – know theory of orientalism and how it can be applied to the films we have watched II. WW I = disaster for all of Europe – thought it would be over quick, it wasn’t III. Technological advances made it end IV. USSR – union of soviet socialist republic A. Russia = 1 of 16 republics B. Soviet union make imperial policy different than old regimes policy C. Socialist opposed to imperialism D. Had no intention of letting colonies become independent – not really different
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Unformatted text preview: from French and English empires V. Different in some ways A. Soviet policy was to develop colonies for the good of the empire B. Develop colonies for themselves and by themselves – develop arts, give positions of high authority to people already there (although had soviet oversight), general sense that soviet control is good for empire C. Develop schools and education...
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