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Lecture: Imperial Adventures (British): Genre, Exoticism, Melodrama, Gender I. After WW I – initiated sense of crisis and possibilities in Europe and abroad II. The war to end all wars A. Rise of middle class prosperity B. Century with little warfare within Europe C. Industrial progress D. European was endpoint in civilization E. Too civilized to fight complicated war – all wars would end quickly F. Political problems that were hard to solve G. Realize couldn’t solve all problems i. New gender role ii. New race relations H. People thought that world war would wipe the slate clean III. Exact opposite happened – war lasted longer and two major revolutions A. Very popular war became unpopular – propaganda first appears IV. Accelerated some changes that were happening A. Men at war women come in and take over those roles B. Undermines political authorities C.
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Unformatted text preview: Rise of liberation movements further challenge political authorities – major government parties discredited V. Old ottoman empire taken over by Europe and they try to influence what’s going on in the middle east A. Period of instability in the middle east VI. Events led to sense of uncertainty in Europe as well as sense of possibilities A. New ideas from new generation VII. British films – Britain’s right to empire VIII. French films – try to resolve sense of anxiety and uncertainty A. Dramatize sense of anxiety and uncertainty IX. Russian Films – sense of optimism – building som would bring about new change of relationship between empire and colonized people and show that som was best for all X. Spectacle takes away from what’s actually happening – The Drum (film)...
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