Order and Progress - "Order and Progress":...

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"Order and Progress": Liberalism and the Emergence of a Neocolonial Order I. Brazil flag slogan – order and progress A. Founded by liberals in the 1880s – slogan of many liberals in the 19 th century II. A New Phase A. Colonial Period (1492-1825) B. Post Colonial Period (1826-1870) i. In 1825 Bolivia becomes last colony to get independence C. Neocolonial Period (1870-1910) i. Stock market crashes in 1929 – in some way the end should be 1929 ii. Mexican revolution starts in 1910 III. The Triumph of Liberalism A. Why did the Liberal Project Prevail? i. Internal Factors: a. Backwardness – frustration of conservative backwardness Latin Americans countries have economic stagnations and political conflict b. Success of Liberal Party coalitions – TALK ABOUT TOMORROW *** c. Conservative status quo not really getting what the people want d. Frustration that Latin America not developing at same speed as Europe and the United States ii. External Factors: a. Growth of the international economy – heightened demand for raw materials b. Technological advances – railways, steamships, new types of communication Factor of development in Europe and the U.S. c. European and U.S. Imperial Expansion after 1870 B. Imperialism i. The extension of power from one nation toward another territory through direct or indirect political, economic, and cultural influence C. Imperialism, colonialism, and neocolonialism
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Order and Progress - "Order and Progress":...

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