Postcolonial Latin America

Postcolonial Latin America - Postcolonial Latin America I....

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Postcolonial Latin America I. Colonial period 1492-1825: postcolonial 1825-1870: II. Shifting Gears: Postcolonial Latin America (1825-1870) A. Spanish American empire collapsed B. Exceptions: Cuba and Puerto Rico i. Become basis for Spanish military operations to put down independence struggles. ii. Unlike the rest of the Spanish American empire, the Creole elite in Cuba decide they don’t want to strike out for independence. After Haiti the major sugar production gets moved over to Cuba, and Cuba has a tremendous fear of Haitian style revolt in Cuba. C. Portugal in decline as well, subject to British influence i. Spain and Portugal are declining empires and the ascendant empire in Europe is Great Britain, and their influence is felt through out the Americas and also into Asia D. Great Britain: the ascendant world power i. With a combination of the industrial revolution and the declining power of Portugal and Spain. E. “Spanish America is free, and if we do not mismanage our affairs, sadly, she is English.” George Canning, British Foreign Minister (1824): sees this as an opportunity for British expansion III. Post Colonial period (cont) A. A period of intense political conflict B. Different visions of independence C. Promises unfulfilled: independence was supposed to bring certain things that it didn’t, such as greater representation. IV. Post Colonial Economy A. Stagnation: the countries in Brazil and mainland Spanish America had been ruled in a certain ways for centuries, so who would these new nations trade with, what would be traded. B.
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Postcolonial Latin America - Postcolonial Latin America I....

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