Remaking the Nation

Remaking the Nation - Remaking the Nation: The Mexican...

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Remaking the Nation: The Mexican Revolution I I. On the Mexican Revolution – 1910-1940 A. Two Phases: i. The Military Phase – 1910-1920 ii. The Consolidation Phrase – 1920-1940 a. New hegemonic contract with Mexican people B. Bloody event – one million people died in the revolution C. How did the Mexican Revolution destroy the old neocolonial order? D. What did the Mexican Revolution ultimately accomplish? E. How did it contribute to the re-imagining of the nation in Latin America (Re- conceptualization of nationhood in Latin America)? F. Different Interpretations of the Revolution – important to see how interpretations change over time and also help answer the question of why it is significant i. A “Triumph of the People” – Frank Tannenbaum a. Peasantry threw out old bad government and got to establish new land ii. Not a revolution – a “great rebellion” – Eduardo Ruiz a. People over exaggerate the greatness of it and that after they threw out Diaz regime new elites took over b. For complete social change to occur there needs to be a complete overhaul of social contract and that didn’t happen in Mexico iii. A “bourgeois revolution” – Enrique Semo a. Bourgeois are owners of industry b. Elites throw out other elites iv. A genuine, but incomplete social, political and cultural revolution – Alan Knight a. What parts were genuine and what parts are incomplete? II. The Spark: The Election Crisis of 1910 A. Leading up to 1910 it is clear that economy is slowing down i. Evidence of strike activity ii. Can see some signs but didn’t really get the spark until 1910 B. Diaz promised not to run for re-election in 1910 – getting old C. As a result: opposition to Diaz – opportunity for change i. The loudest – Francisco Madero
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Remaking the Nation - Remaking the Nation: The Mexican...

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