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Chasteen chapters 5-6 - HIS 346L/LAS 366/AFR 374E Modern...

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HIS 346L/LAS 366/AFR 374E Modern Latin America Study Questions for John Chasteen, Born in Blood and Fire, chapters 5 & 6 1. According to Chasteen, what did “Progress” mean in Latin America after 1850? Who sought to bring “Progress” to the region and how? a. Glossary: in the meaning common in the 1800s and 1900s (signaled in the text by capitalization), Progress was any application of advanced technology, any importation of European or U.S. material culture, or any transformation that made Latin American societies more like their European or U.S. models. Especially before 1930, Progress was equated with Civilization, the opposite of Barbarism (a term used to brand African and indigenous American cultures as primitive). b. Page 150 – Progress is secular religion and liberals were its prophets i. People were fanatic about the idea of Progress just like they say people are crazy about religion c. Progress = Eurocentric idea – race (whiteness, Benito Juárez) d. Elites take away land from indigenous people and the church e.
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