A Struggle for Mastery2

A Struggle for Mastery2 - A Struggle for Mastery...

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A Struggle for Mastery: Disenfranchisement in the South, 1880’s-1915 (Lecture 2) I. Who were the Proponents of Black Disfranchisement? / Alexander Watkins Terrelle **** A. Populist believed only when black man was removed they could whites make their way. B. Almost all were Democrats C. A Democratic leaning district wanted to reduce Anglo Democrats in the House of Representatives D. Bring lower class whites back to the Democratic party i. Only when blacks are withheld, will white radicals arise E. Only in NC did large numbers of populists with in the Democratic Party chief emphasis came from members in the county. F. Few men of little competency participated G. Every state except Texas Came from black belt counties H. Alexander Watkins Terrelle i. Lived in a predominantly white county ii. Was a plantation owner and was a virulent racist iii. Was the author of the 1903 and 1905 election laws iv. Came to TX to practice law, was a judge then entered the confederate army v. Participated in battles vi. 1865 promoted to Brigadier General by Kerby Smith vii. Terrell went to Mexico after the war and returned to TX after Maximilian was killed viii. Resumed practice in law at Houston ix. 1871 moved to Austin and served multiple terms in the Senate later elected to the House of representatives but later resigned x. 1893-1897 was administer to Turkey xi. Elected to 28 and 29 th legislature xii. Terrell election laws mandating poll tax xiii. Was one of the founders of TX State Historical Association xiv. Was the president of the organization at the time of his death in 1912 xv. Terrell County named in honor of him xvi. Vast majority of disfranchise leaders resumed in the black belt south xvii. They were wealthy and well educated and descendants of plantation owners xviii. Advocated gave assurance that no white man would be disfranchised xix. Former governor of VA informed the Alabama convention he
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A Struggle for Mastery2 - A Struggle for Mastery...

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