Bourbon Democracy - Bourbon Democracy (Lecture 2) I....

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Bourbon Democracy (Lecture 2) I. Corruption Under the Redeemer Regimes **** A. Champions of white supremacy and lost cause B. Series of investigations after 1879 in Georgia resulted in impeachment and resignation of lots of men in state office C. In 1883 Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama Treasurers were proved to have made away with around $900,000 D. Enjoyed reputation for scrupulous honesty in office i. Lacking in carpetbagger, scalawag, negro administrations E. No governments in American history have been conducted with more fidelity than those in the southern states during redeemer period after the war F. Tate of KY, “Uncle Dick” elected in 1967. Reelected 9 consecutive times i. In 1888, Uncle Dick left Frankfurt in darkness and took a quarter million and left behind a couple hundred dollars in debts a. Had bankrupted the state almost overnight Tate never returned to help, and no one knows where he went to G. Most brazen thief was Burk of LA i. Negotiated Wormly House Bargain ii. As Treasurer, he profited with 1,777,000 from the sale of state bonds that he was supposed to destroy, but sold illegally instead a. Wasn’t discovered until he was in London b. He was indicted and stated that he would home to disprove the charges c. Instead he moved to Honduras and tried to “redeem the people” of Honduras d. He received Charles Lindbergh on behalf of Honduran government e. Burk refused to return to US until he was declared innocent of all charges While waiting, he died H. Redeemers in Georgia said they had great honesty in office i. They often avoided strict scrutiny anyway ii. Used to believe this was true but a more recent scholar said there was a lot of corruption—Woodward:
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a. Scandals in convict lease system b. State officials made away with tens of thousands of dollars like Polk’s nephew in Tennessee c. One guy, Tate, left a lot of debt and made off with a quarter of a million dollars and was never found again
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Bourbon Democracy - Bourbon Democracy (Lecture 2) I....

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