Civil Rights Movement2 - Civil Rights Movement (Lecture 2)...

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Civil Rights Movement (Lecture 2) I. The Communist Party and African Americans A. During 1920s communist party sought to convert blacks to plan of world domination – few blacks won over B. Never more than 1,000 members in Harlem even in Great Depression C. Some of black educated joined on D. 1932 first biracial dance since 1873 E. Communist party nominate black man for VP – Ford II. Alabama Sharecroppers’ Union **** A. Organized by blacks east and south of Birmingham B. American Communist party accepted idea of separate negro republic in the south – self determination of the black belt C. Sheriff and deputies have a clash with sharecroppers union i. Death of 2 blacks ii. 3 blacks wounded iii. 30 blacks arrested – eventually released D. Not 1 in 10 of rank and file members knew that the leaders were communists – responded to people who were trying to help them E. Won few rights – right to cultivate gardens and collect food F. Organized chiefly among blacks in counties east of Birmingham, Alabama G. 1928 American Communist Party accepted theortical policy of separate negro republic i. “Self-determination of the black-belt” H. July 16, 1932 i. sharecroppers were meeting in Camp Hill, and led to the death of 3—some blacks were arrested, but were eventually released from jail a. 1932 (Dec)—Sherriff Young ID James; wanted to seize his livestock for non-payment of debt b. Provoked another riot when Young tried to seize the property; 2 men ii. Spring 1933 a. Claimed to have 3,000 members; by fall, it was 5,500—never exceeded 8,000 members I. 1:10 knew that this was run by Communists J. Continued through the 1930s, and spread through Alabama
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Civil Rights Movement2 - Civil Rights Movement (Lecture 2)...

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