FDR and the New Deal Tradition in the South

FDR and the New Deal Tradition in the South - FDR and the...

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FDR and the New Deal Tradition in the South (Lecture 1) I. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Hold on American Politics A. Has yet to relinquish his hold on American politics i. 100 days marked the period that reflected the high amount of laws passed during this time a. Passed deposit guarantees (guaranteed individual deposits—up to $100,000 today) b. Farm subsidies c. Tennessee Valley Authority d. Senators needed a rest after the first 100 days of FDR’s presidency in 1933 Roosevelt withheld patronage until this session was over ii. John F. Kennedy—resisted the comparison to Bonaparte a. “Not to 100 days, but to the first 1,000 days” –gave himself more time to achieve the results he wanted to achieve in his presidency II. FDR and the South **** A. South rallied for the support of the 2 nd Democratic president of the century i. NY born Roosevelt liked to think of himself as a Georgian-adopted, because he spent a lot of time there B. South was the poorest section of the US i. FDR stated his “the south presents right now…one economic problem… the nation’s problem, not necessarily the south’s problem” C. Ended the south’s virtual veto on who got the presidential nomination i. Abolishment of the 2/3 rule for nomination, which the Dem party had adhered to since 1832 ii. Ended the feudal patters that had dominated the south iii. Received the support of the south; gave them hope iv. “FDR could not hold indefinitely the support of southern leaders” D. Johnson—didn’t think the north would accept him because of his southern roots when he ran for Presidency in 1964 elections (became president in 1963) i. Backing of civil rights & voting rights legislation did more for blacks since Abraham Lincoln III. Opposition to New Deal from Champions of the Common Man (“Alfalfa Bill” Murray, Eugene Talmadge) A. “Alfalfa Bill” Murray B. Eugene Talmadge i.
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FDR and the New Deal Tradition in the South - FDR and the...

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