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Huey P. Long: The Louisiana Kingfish I. Louisiana Politics Before Huey Long A. One of the last 3 southern states still controlled by Republicans in 1876 B. Pattern after reconstruction = similar to other southern states i. Hierarchy of planter business groups to grasp political power C. Backward and corrupt D. Standard Oil became economic and political power in Louisiana E. Only southern state with big city machine – old regulars i. For 50 years after reconstruction – ruled Louisiana with almost no question F. Industrialization = only sign of progressive spirit – still more concerned with the investors investing in the state than its constituents G. Parker becomes Governor in 1920 – set out on business of business progressivism i. After 4 years in office he was defeated and state government returned to more conservative values H. Long comes in and nothing else will be the same again II. Huey P. Long: The Early Years (1893-1928) A. Extended demagogy B. Attorney then salesmen C. Ran for governor and lost – ran again and won D. Was a salesman before becoming an attorney E. Won governor ship in 1928 F. Beliefs i. Didn’t have a prejudice against blacks like other demagogues G. Administered a lot of shocks i. Tore down executive mansion in BR and substituted building to look like a ii. Received a punch in the eye when he became impatient when waiting for a urinal III. Long as Governor / Long’s Organization and Methods / Longism and Organized Crime **** A. Appealed to the people over the heads of the bosses and to give them a plan that worked for them B. This is the year before the stock market crash C. Unlike other demagogues, he ignored prejudices against blacks, Jews and Yankees i. In his vast plans there was no room for the race issue ii. The stock market crash made racism even worse, during this time iii. Still, black rights was one issue Long was afraid to touch a. He had seen what happened to the Populists D. Long administered shock after shock to the upper class i. He administered from his hotel bedroom a. Once greeted a German warship captain in his pajamas and a lounging robe and the captain was really pissed until he formally apologized
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ii. Turned the state militia into his own personal guard that was like storm
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Huey P - Huey P Long The Louisiana Kingfish I Louisiana...

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