Lincoln2 - Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction (Lecture 2)...

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Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction (Lecture 2) I. The Life and Character of Andrew Johnson **** A. Nominated on the Union Party to gain support for those that didn’t like Lincoln B. Lacked Lincoln’s political skills i. Lone wolf is almost every sense of the word C. Early life explains inadequacies as leader i. Poor white ii. First working man to attain presidency iii. Apprenticed to a tailor at age 14 iv. Father dies when he was 5 years old v. Mother worked as maid vi. Learned to read and write at tailor shop ran away before end of apprenticeship a. Opens own tailor shop in Tennessee vii.Marries a school teacher and raises 5 children D. Assets as politician i. Appearance strong and dressed well ii. Forceful unpretentious style of speaking E. Became spokesman for Hill Country farmers F. Never accepted by elite but held almost every office elected by the people G. Only representative from a seceded state to stay in seat when state seceded H. Lincoln’s military governor I. Nominated for VP by Republican Party replacing radical to gain support for northern wage workers J. Hypersensitivity caused him to miss Lincoln’s best assets compassion, understanding K. Saw reconstruction as Constitution problem L. Adheres to Founders of Republic i. “His mind had one compartment for right and one for wrong but no middle chamber where the two could mingle” M. Buried wrapping in American Flag with head resting on Constitution II. Johnson’s Reconstruction Program A. Kindness and compassion alone would fix things B. Reconstruction should be left to Southern Whites i. Better fit to work out problems than those not involved C. Took office when Congress was out of session i. Had a bunch of time to implement his plans for Reconstruction without Congress getting in the way ii. Senator writes to Johnson saying that he should wait till Congress gets
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Lincoln2 - Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction (Lecture 2)...

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