Lincoln3 - Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction (Lecture 3)...

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Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction (Lecture 3) I. Republicans Consolidate Their Position (Tenure of Office Act) A. Opening of 40 th Congress was moved up immediately after old Congress new Congress took over i. Made it so Johnson wouldn’t have a period of time when he could do whatever he wanted B. Army Appropriation Act said that all appropriations to general of army C. General could not be sent away without Congress’ consent D. Tenure of Office Act prevent president from purging Congress of Republicans and replace with his old men i. Seat can't be vacant until Congress approves ii. Exception = cabinet hold office in administration they are in and one month there after a. President authorized to make recess appoints if Congress out of session but within 20 days had to report to Congress and if Congress did not approve new appointment then the previous tenant keeps office E. Southern states (exception = Tennessee) with Johnson’s approval continued to reject 14 th Amendment i. Therefore could not ratify decided to put Southern states under military control and give black males the right to vote F. White south brought radical Reconstruction on itself II. Reconstruction Acts of 1867 / Voter Registration in the South ****
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Lincoln3 - Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction (Lecture 3)...

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