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Radical Reconstruction in the South

Radical Reconstruction in the South - Radical...

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Radical Reconstruction in the South (Lecture 1) I. “Radical Constitution – Making in the South” (Constitutional Conventions, Conservative Opposition to New “Radical” Constitutions) **** A. Controlled by blacks, Scalawags (local or native white Republicans) and carpetbaggers dubbed black and tan conventions B. Black delegates - 9 in Texas, over 76 out of 124 in South Carolina only in SC and Louisiana did they have majority C. Northerners = minority in ever state D. Local whites in a majority – divided between Republicans (Scalawags) and Conservatives E. In writing Constitutions, conventions were composed of delegates who were without schooling or political experience i. 57 of black delegates in SC had only a few years before been slaves F. Dependent on Northern states’ Constitutions as models i. Fortunate because more democratic than those of the Old South G. Finished products were surprising good i. Almost always more democratic than previous constitutions ii. Included: a. That all men were equal before the law b. Proportioned state legislators solely on the basis of population c. Increase rights for women d. Abolition of dueling e. Imprisonment for debt f. Judicial and local governmental reform g. Free public school for those in school age 5-21 H. Heated debate on whether school should be integrated i. Northerners not interested in the subject believed more that both black and whites should have access to school ii. Black delegates thought that integration was good because a. Segregation based on race was undemocratic b. Separate schools would lead in inadequacies in funding c. Only two states banned racially segregating schools (SC and Louisiana) Only in Louisiana were integrated schools public policy by Reconstruction Still few biracial schools outside of New Orleans I.
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