Radical Reconstruction in the South2

Radical Reconstruction in the South2 - Radical...

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Radical Reconstruction in the South (Lecture 2) I. Who Were the Scalawags? **** A. Native born white Republicans B. Term of contempt given by Southern that those C. Scalloway – district in British Isles where small running cattle and horses were bred D. Used as term before Civil War for scrawny cattle E. Term for rascal, good for nothing F. Thought to be poor whites who opposed slave owning aristocracy and were seeking personal gains through Reconstruction G. Departures from stereotypical view come after 1940s H. Blurred stark distinction between black and white in the south I. Without native whites in south the Republican party would have consisted an insufficient number of carpetbaggers and freedmen i. A party sustained only by black votes will not grow old ii. Impossible to have Republican party in the south without a division in the white vote J. Conservative whites called them “negroes” K. Scalwags i. Franklin Moses, Jr. a. Speaker of the House b. Accepted bribes and fraudulent certificates c. As General of SC he misappropriated arms funds d. Won overwhelming for Governor – only spent two years in office e. Betrayed not only the state but his class, his college, the negroes who voted him into office, and himself f. Chamberlain followed him as Governor and wrote to Grant telling him
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Radical Reconstruction in the South2 - Radical...

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