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Southern Populism2 - Southern Populism(Lecture 2 I The Off...

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Southern Populism (Lecture 2) I. The Off Year Elections of 1893 A. Intensified crusade B. Took advantage of popular discontent with depression policies of Cleveland C. After Cleveland was in office, the nation suffered some of the depression that was seen i. Worker class and farmers especially suffered and were growing angry D. Watson Spoke in 35 counties, 150,000 people total heard the speech i. Was a G-d like hero who could put rage into words ii. He was like a member of the family to many iii. Sought the same seat in House of Representatives of 1890 again in 1894 iv. Spoke with Christian vocabulary a. Best way to express emotion v. Coxey’s Army arrested once they stepped foot on the US Capitol’s grass vi. Power to: a. Impoverish farmers b. Silence slaves c. And it also put nation in sorrow and bankruptcy II. Populist-Republican “Fusion Agreements” / The Elections of 1894 / “Harrison County Methods” **** A. Populist and Republicans (minority parties in the South) combined (known as a fusion) i. North Carolina was the first to go formal and public ii. Wasn’t always successful a.
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  • Spring '09
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  • William Jennings Bryan, South A. Populist, Party I. Democrats, nomination G. Democrats, D. Watson Spoke, F. WJ Bryan

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