The Second Reconstruction

The Second Reconstruction - The Second...

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The Second Reconstruction (Lecture 1) I. Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956 (Rosa Parks) **** A. Rosa Parks active in local NAACP – refused to give up her seat to a white person – arrested B. MLK leads boycott C. Started off with modest goal – seats be taken by first come first serve basis – blacks from back to front and whites from front to back – not desegregation as a whole D. As time went on, protesters became more assertive – carpooling instead of taking bus E. Whites helped out because they would pick up their employees F. Soon wanted a complete end to segregated seating G. Boycott ended a year later with the Supreme Court saying that the Alabama segregated seating was unconstitutional II. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. / SCLC A. A successful preacher who had studied at Boston University & had recently taken his new pulpit in the church when Rosa Parks was arrested for her refusal to give up the bus seat i. Gandhi was one of his role models; he himself was assassinated B. Led pilgrimage to Washington DC and demanded voting rights C. SCLC—Southern Christian Leadership Conference i. Founded the year after the bus boycott; was against Jim Crow-ism ii. February 1960—four black students from the North Carolina Agricultural & Tech College sat down at a lunch counter & refused to move after being denied service
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The Second Reconstruction - The Second...

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