The Second Reconstruction2

The Second Reconstruction2 - The Second...

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The Second Reconstruction (Lecture 2) I. The Dream Deferred: The Tide of Racial Progress Slows / Black Power, Riots, Vietnam War A. The Dream Deferred i. The tide of racial progress slows a. August 11, 1965 a race riot erupted in Watts, California (blacks v. police officers) Triggered worst urban violence wince WW2 People were arrested; young black men went down Crenshaw & wrecked havoc (overturned cars, looted, etc.). National Guardsmen had to be called to return things to order. 4,000 arrested, property damage = $200 million b. Most of these blacks lived in large cities; housing were scarce & as these neighborhoods were overcrowdings, “redlining” occurred (white realtors wouldn’t show black people “white neighborhoods”) 1:8 Watts residents were illiterate 200/205 police who were supposed to protect everyone n Watts were white; basic necessities were poor (“the social fabric just couldn’t stand the string”) LA police stormed local black Muslim temple & arrested 59 people; black people knew this riot wasn’t a planned event by the Muslims c. Over the next several years, riots broke out all over the country (Newark, NJ) B. Black power, riots, Vietnam War i. MLK ran across black people shouting “We won!” after riots a. “we won because we made them [the white power establishment] pay attention to us.” ii. John Lewis (current Dem. Representative from Atlanta, GA) a. Was beaten in the early days; reflected on the transformation from the early 1960s to the deaths of MLK & Robert Kennedy & Malcolm X & the delusionment that followed (“Walking With The Wind”) iii. Only a minority of blacks joined the alliance of black Muslims with Malcolm X, but a number of blacks took the position that white men should give reparations for their suffering a. Reparations= mainly college scholarships, affirmative action mainly iv. Leaders of the Jewish community were worried about the Anti-Semitism expressed by black militants a. Jewish normally sympathetic to the civil rights movements v. White liberals thought Vietnam War was more important than the race
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The Second Reconstruction2 - The Second...

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